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Nothing creates rainbows better than high-quality crystal, and Swarovski® has this down to a fine art.

All original 6-strand suncatchers are finished with three Sun Pendant crystals. The large ones have 19mm crystals and the small ones, 12mm. All create rainbows that flit and sway in any airflow when in full sunlight.

The large single strand suncatchers are finished with a huge 33mm crystal.

There is a choice of colours available but the Clear and Aurora Boreale styles produce the best results.

At the budget end of the range, the crystal drops include a faceted glass ball which, although not high quality as Swarovski, can still produce rainbows.




All wire is based on a core of copper with a coloured or lacquered coating. Each wire is manipulated by hand to produce the marble cages and other parts of the suncatchers and then all the parts assembled without the use of glue to hold the marbles in place.



Standard game-play marbles in a variety of plain colours make up the colour schemes for the suncatchers. Some items have heat-treated marbles to give the crackle effect. These are better for light diffraction but they are more fragile.


New to the range of Suncatchers is the addition of natural Amethyst beads. Whilst these are beautiful, they don't transmit light, so clear marbles balance the effect giving a stunning product both in and out of the sun



Made from beads of various types, these are based on coloured beading cord. Again Swarovski crystals are widely used, but also glass beads for a more affordable option


Epoxy Resin is a fun medium to work with. Of course, safety is taken very seriously but the end results are looking good. The resin is a two-part epoxy, of several different types depending on the project. Due to a variety of curing times, projects can take anything from 2 days to 2 weeks.

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