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The beautiful Isle of Man is notorious for mist, even having its own type called “Manannan’s Cloak,” said to have hidden the island from invaders in times past. We still have a great deal of sunshine, but to bring a little more colour into the home, these suncatchers are designed to enhance the benefits the sunlight brings.

Fully hand made from marbles and wire (original style), ManxSuncatchers are styled on an American suncatcher that caused me so many problems trying to ship to the UK! So now here they are, available on the Isle of well as the rest of the world.

Each one has further enhancement by the addition of genuine Swarovski® crystal pendants producing scattered mini rainbows when in direct sunlight. A beautiful effect in any room.

Gradually, more will appear on this site, including different sizes and types, economy styles as well as the original best seller - the marble type.

2020 brought a range that also incorporated Swarovski crystals, for you to wear... Kumihimo Jewellery. Light-catching and beautiful.

2021 brings you resin... a skill I am learning and hopefully the range of styles will increase with practice.

Gura mie ayd (Thank-you)

HISTORY...Inspiration was an old second-hand summer house that was offered for firewood. I wanted it as a summerhouse which then, of course, needed tarting up a bit! Suncatchers, windchimes - the search began!

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